Surrounded by scenic acres of blueberry farms, our state of the art facilities feature proprietary dehydration technologies that yield delicious and wholesome berries for international food manufacturers.

CAL-SAN has heavily invested in the research, development and testing of a new dehydration process for fruits and vegetables. We are proud to offer our clients uniue blueberry and cranberry products that are noticeably different from tradionally dried ones made using our MiVac™ nad Micro-Fusion Technology™.

With its technology, CAL-SAN has succeeded in producing superior and diversified blueberry and cranberry products for the world's food manufacturers.

CAL-SAN is recognized as an industry innovator in creating products from fresh and frozen blueberries and cranberries. With over three decades of research and development invested, CAL-SAN has established itself as one of the leaders in new use application for blueberries and cranberries.

kinds of blueberries

kinds of blueberries

CAL-SAN has farmed blueberries and cranberries for almost three decades. During this time, it became apparent to CAL-SAN that market demands were changing. Customers wanted not only fresh and frozen blueberries and cranberries, but dried and dehydrated berries for other end uses.

While there were some producers of dried and dehydrated blueberries and cranberries, it also became aparent to CAL-SAN that current processing technologies did not deliver consistent and high-quality end products. In particular, dehydrated blueberries and cranberries produced using freeze-dried technology were mostly shapeless, colourless, flavourless and void of many of the berry's natural nutrients.

CAL-SAN's vision was to improve upon existing processing technologies, to deliver superior and diversified blueberries and cranberries that retain its original shape, colour, flavor, and virtually all of the natural nutrients of the berry. One result of employing the new patented technology was the creation of Blu Puffs™ dehydrated blueberries that do not require refrigeration or freezing.

CAL-SAN's vision is not limited to the production of just dehydrated blueberries and cranberries. Its focus using the new technology is to also create other dehydrated fruit products, including dehydrated fruits with high antioxidant retention for use by the pharmaceutical industry.

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